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Lingerie Buying Tips For Gentlemen

Lingerie Buying Tips For Gentlemen

February, the season of love is upon us and you must be thinking of ideas to surprise the special lady in your life. Flowers and chocolates are passé! A tantalizing lingerie is the best  gift you can present to your girl. Set the romantic mood and make her feel sexy, this Valentine’s Day. Let us guide you on how to buy the perfect lingerie to help you fill the love in the air.

First and most important point in lingerie buying tips is “Know Her Size”

A big turn off is on your way if you happen to shop for lingerie which is not her size. Hence, the first step for buying lingerie is to be aware of her size. Well, most of the gentlemen do know, but those who do not know or are not sure, can secretly take a sneak peak in their women’s lingerie drawer to check the size as mentioned in their existing pair.

Take some inspiration

A secret look into your women’s cupboard in the lingerie section will not only tell you the exact size but will also help you give some idea of how your women likes her lingerie to be. Observe the most common color, the most common pattern. Like padded or unpadded bra’s, wired or unwired bra’s, narrow or broad panties, lacy or non-lacy bra’s, and other such details. This is how you will come to know her taste and style. You can have all these in mind when you go out for lingerie shopping for your lady love.

Kinky but Classy

The kinkier, the better. Buying something like thongs will be a good idea if your lady is habitual and is comfortable wearing them. You can chose to buy bold colors and patterns. But this is quite tricky at times because you are expected to pick something which is a unique blend of kinky and classy.To play safe, select a renowned and expensive brand or the brand which you have seen your girl using, this way you will stand a lesser chance of going wrong.

Chose Light colors

If you are not sure about the color, stick to neutral shades. Light colors are always a safe buy. Though, you may think that red is the color of love, but many women prefer neutral and pastel shades as they can wear them under any clothes. Dark colors like maroon and red are mostly worn under thick or dark colored clothes only. Colors like baby pink, pale yellow, off white, and sky blue are equally enticing and pleasing and can be easily worn by most women.

So, be bold and surprise your Valentine with something unexpected yet exciting….

Lingerie Buying Tips For Gentlemen
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Lingerie Buying Tips For Gentlemen
February, the season of love is upon us & you must be thinking of ideas to surprise the special lady. Read this simple lingerie buying tips for you..
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