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Sports Bras, a must have in your wardrobe

Why Sports Bras are important?

A recent study noted that most of the Indian women did not have a sports bra as a part of their wardrobe. Most women think sports bras just serve the purpose of looking pretty or are important for large chested women only. Well we believe that they form a crucial part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Let us tell you why..

They are your best friends while working out or while brisk walking

While you are working out or are on the jogging track, all such kinds of exercise makes the breasts bounce up and down. This happens both in the case of small or large busts. Not only does it look awkward, do you know that it can pose some serious health risk too? The medical fact is that the breasts are made up of the tissues which are enclosed in the ligaments referred to as coopers ligaments. If the coopers ligaments, which are responsible for giving shape and size to the breasts,get torn or stretched, they will never be able to recuperate and bounce back.Other than this, an up and down movement of your breasts while exercising may also result in pain and soreness. Here comes your friend indeed, the sports bra that saves you from the imminent damage. You must buy a well fitted sports bra and wear it before doing a heavy or light workout, jogging, running, or even brisk walking with your besties. There are various options of sports bra available in the market and you can take you pick.  Encapsulation sports bras have individual cups while a combination of compression and encapsulation sports bras combine compression with individual cups.

Comfort level

Don’t you want a break from your tight strapped regular bras or underwired bras? You cannot always wear them. It is time you give some relief to your breasts. Get rid of the annoying bras with straps that cut into your skin or keep moving on their own and opt for the unparalleled comfort and support offered by a sports bra..

Best for summer season

While the pretty laces and frills definitely can be a confidence boost and make you feel feminine but it is best to keep your distance from them in India’s scorching summers. In the summer season you always opt for cool and airy clothing then why make an exception for your bra. Sports bras are especially made up of a special material that keeps the temperature of your body under control and keeps you away from heat and sweat.

So what are you waiting for girls? Check out godinattire sports bra collection. Add the much needed comfort to your bra drawers and bring home a sports bra.

Sports Bra - A must have for your wardrobe
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Sports Bra - A must have for your wardrobe
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