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Why You Must Have Thong or G-String Underwear?

A G-string is underwear that has just a single string where the backside of your panty should have been. So, it leaves your hips bare while providing the necessary support. These panties are also called ‘thongs’ by some. Now the fact is that many women do not like to wear G-sting underwear. This is probably because they feel uncomfortable with the string sticking into their butt too tightly or just plain awkward to be partly ‘commando’ (without panties). Love it, hate it, but you certainly cannot ignore this type of panties. Every woman needs to have one in her lingerie closet to be ready to go. Here are some of the things that make G-string underwear indispensable.

G-String UnderwearWhy You Need Thong or G-Strings?


Ideal for Dress :

If you are wearing a tight fitting dress that sticks on to your hips lip skin, then you simply cannot do without this type of panties. If you wear normal panties with a dazzling body hugging dress, then the seam of the panties will form a protruding outline on your backside. So you will be showing the whole world the shape of your panties! Not a very welcome thought, is it?

Light Fabrics Cloths:

If you are wearing any kind of light fabrics then you must wear G-strings under it. Delicate materials like chiffon, gorgette or Egyptian linen will not cover the brims of your normal panties. It will sit like an ugly boundary around your butt. It is much better for women to wear thongs and pull up skin colored stockings in case you are shy to display a bare posterior.

Low Waist Jeans:

Your traditional lingerie has not really kept up with the modern trend of low waist jeans. The colored strip of panties showing from the top of low waist jeans is a perpetual embarrassment. It is so much better to wear G-string underwear and look stunning in skin tight low waist jeans.

Short Dresses:

It is absolutely mandatory for women to wear thongs under short dresses for skirts. This is mainly for aesthetic purposes. You will not look impressive if your dress gets pulled up and you are seen in sagging panties. With short dresses, these panties are safe. It is more about how you feel about yourself.

The verdict is that every woman must have G-string underwear because it is no more a fancy whim, it’s a necessity.


Why You Must Have Thong or G-String Underwear?
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Why You Must Have Thong or G-String Underwear?
Women still thinks that G-strings and Thongs are uncomfortable to wear. However the fact is just opposite of what we think. In this article you will know; why you need Gstring and things in your lingerie closet.
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